Cordoba will host the First Worldwide Summit of Presidents of Travel Agencies in 2013

The capital of Cordoba has been the Spanish city chosen to host the first worldwide summit of presidents of travel agencies, which will be held between 12th and 14th November next year.

The proposal counts on the support of the City Council of Cordoba, the Council of Cordoba, the Council of Andalusia and the private sector, by means of the management of the Confederation of Business Professionals of Cordoba (CECO) and organisations in the tourism and catering industry, according to what the Spanish Confederation of Travel Agencies (CEAV) has stated in a statement.

The meeting is considered "fundamental" for the tourism of businesses in Cordoba faced with the possibility to capture congresses and incentives, which increase business with the members of management that will attend.

The participation of more than 300 professionals from across the world is expected in the summit, amongst which will be Presidents of Confederations, Federations and Associations of Travel Agencies, from corporate management, in the sector of Meetings, Conventions & Exhibitions (MICE) or General Managers and senior positions of large worldwide operators, amongst others.

The meeting will be focused on three fundamental ideas, which are the current situation of the sector and the changes in international tourism, the need for promotion and information (new tendencies, types of tourism and new markets) and the CEAV itself.

Likewise, the topics proposed for the three days will be "Sustainable Tourism", "Culture of Civilisations" and "Tendencies in the Current Marketing of Tourism”.

The programme includes the conferences, round tables, presentation of awards to companies, business agendas and tributes to noteworthy people in the sector.

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